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Stonehenge Scrolls. I enjoyed K. Amazing Storytelling. I loved this book! So much so that I read it twice — back to back!

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The first time, I was so caught up in the story of the relationship between Sulis and her father, Myrddin I raced through the book. And, covering all bases, Robbins weaves the love story between Sulis and Gwyr into this incredible tale. My second reading was to take the time to thoroughly enjoy this multi-layered tale about building Stonehenge. Author K.

Robbins weaves a wonderful tale.

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A fully explored fantastical hypothesis about Stonehenge! Cross on December 2, As an inveterate tumulus climber and stele observer, I was immediately taken with Karen P. How it got there was a mystery, examined and studied by historians and archeologists for many years. It was perhaps contemporaneous with the Egyptian pyramid builders.

Structures in Ireland, the most famous is perhaps Newgrange, and throughout England and Scotland point to a significant knowledge of construction and astronomy. In France a huge structure on a bluff predates the Egyptian pyramids and was found only 60 years ago.

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  7. The Cairn of Bernanez near Morlaix was thought to be a mound of dirt and rocks! From the idea that a group of builders existed in the Pictish pre-Iron Age civilization, to the rise of a female leader, the tale continues to weave reality out of hypothesis. What makes this more interesting though is the way Robbins intersperses a modern fictional archeologist, who comments on twists and turns in the story.

    Without giving away too much of the story, someone finds a metal box containing a memoire dating from Roman days that explains the civilization that constructed Stonehenge and other Bronze Age buildings as the civilization is about to be destroyed. The story is compelling in its rationality, told as the last survivor of the civilization runs before the Roman conquerors.

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    If modern man can only learn that a hill of rocks were in Brittany contained a Stone Age tomb in the mids, or find other historical constructions less than 10 years ago, then the hypothesis of the novel becomes even more real and plausible. In any case, this is a very good hypothesis on which to build a highly readable novel, exploring the culture of the times from 21st century eyes, of course , and how Celtic pre-historic men and women reacted to changes and new ideas.

    The ideas of a reality far different from our own are superb. Compelling Book About Creation of Stonehenge. This book is both informative about how life was lived many centuries ago, as well as being an engrossing story. I definitely recommend it. Interesting how it gives a seed for later King Arthur and Merlin tales.

    While giving a plausible how and why for the building of Stonehenge, the author has thrown in a possible source for the Merlin of Arthurian legend and the unifying king as well. The storytelling itself was a bit plodding and slow and almost lost my interest. I persevered though and was rewarded with a satisfying tale. Stonehenge Explored in a Novel Way. A good read! Recommend you read Stonehenge Scrolls. I loved the multiple point of view related to the story: you have the last Druid Priest who is writing down the verbal history because the Romans are killing the priests and their history will die with him; a current day archaeologist who is involved in the found Scrolls and has started a blog about them; and best of all the fictional characters who are living the creation expansion of Stonehenge.

    Robbins weaves a wonderful mix of fact and fiction to intrique the reader. Tedious account of a not-very-real character. I love stories that revisit history, but this one was so boring I quit reading it halfway through. Interesting plot and characters tied into Stonehenge history. Wallace on October 5, The characters were developed well, were diverse, and tied in to Stonehenge itself. The plot had enough action to keep my interest through the entire book. Stonehenge Scrolls, a mystery, an enigma. I am not one who is intrinsically fascinated with Stonehenge, although I do have a passing interest in Scottish cairns, so I was hoping to not only be entertained, but educated, as well.

    I thought Karen did a wonderful, thoughtful job with the story, and I found myself intrigued by the characters, especially Myrddin and his daughter Sulis. I found the moving and building of the Stone Circle fascinating, and the author paints a vivid picture of this. For Myrddin is the hinge on which the story is told — a builder who defies tradition by teaching his daughter — and I felt that he was taken too soon from the story. Which, of course, makes him a successful character, because you want him to be around for the final, great circle.

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    Some of the observations were a bit off-base, too, a little flippant, and not helpful to the story. But in contrast, I found the fictional characters more compelling than the ones who were posing question in the blog. I learned a lot about the monument builders, and thought the story really sang when their work was in progress. The Stonehenge Scrolls. But, it does give a new insightful way of how the stones were moved and written as if it were being observed at the time. Interesting concepts and always a mystery in how they did it and what they are for. Somebody went way out of their way to move those stones and in the circular manor for reasons still unknown today.

    Some say it was for sacrifice rituals or use as a calendar when the sun shined through the stones on one day of the year. I am sure I will find out more when I finish the book. It is worth reading. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments. Recent searches Clear All. Update Location. Major Cyber Monday online-only deals start now. Shop to it.

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    Eleven ancient scrolls unearthed near Dublin purport to reveal the answers in this archaeology-based novel. You'll meet Myrddin, a prehistoric engineer as hard as the stones he struggles to move except when it comes to his red-haired daughter Sulis; the clan medicine woman Ogwyn, Sulis' grandmother; and the impetuous young chieftain Gwyr. But is the story they tell true? In alternating chapters of The Stonehenge Scrolls, archaeologist Maeve Haley's blog cites the evidence and speculates on the meaning of Stonehenge.

    Plenty of nonfiction titles discuss possibilities, but for a fictional perspective that is compelling and involving, you can't beat the thrills and unusual perspectives of The Stonehenge Scrolls.