The Hood Health Handbook, Volume Two

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Like other health books, it is very informative as well as insightful, just from a different angle. But when you give examples the likes of Missy Could Have Been a Great Book "The Hood Health Handbook" is just what it says it is - a practical guide to health and wellness in the urban community. Yet the information is not strictly for the young, but crosses all ages. This is a health book that I enjoyed and would love to recommend to others as it would be very helpful, but I can't. There were two major drawbacks. While very informative, the manner language in which the information is delivered is often vulgar, quoting Ghostface Killah.

On showering and bathing, "Y'all insert expletive that be insert expletive with the bird bath insert expletive , thinking y'all clean Wipe your insert expletive , insert expletive Scrub that insert expletive , son! Put some toothpaste on that insert expletive , brush yo teeth and scrub your tongue, man! Scrub your lips and all that insert expletive , man, I don't give a insert expletive! Stick the toothpaste, the toothbrush down your insert expletive throat if you have to, insert expletive!

But was that necessary? I appreciate the "blackness. There was no need to be obscene or to make a joke of anything. The other major drawback is the layout of the book.

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There is a table of contents but no index. For a reader looking for something specific, one could not easily just go to that topic. And if you were to find the topic, one has to read through much information for an answer. If a person has to go through all of that for one answer, the health book is no longer practical.

Overall, this is a health book worthy of reading.

The Hood Health Handbook: A Practical Guide to Health and Wellness in the Urban Community: 1

It's very, very unfortunate that this could not be easily recommended to others, but, as is, with the language, I cannot. This is not a book you can take to your child's school or to a pastor at a local church for consideration, yet the information is important, beneficial and necessary for all. Again, it's unfortunate. I would be interested in reading Volume II but hope the contributors take their entire audience into consideration.

Urban doesn't mean vulgar. Reviewed by: Joyce View 1 comment. Apr 11, Cee Diaz rated it it was amazing. Everyone who is anyone, because we all eat, and also because we need to be aware of what we intake as food and nutrients, needs to read this book! A very important-easy to read book, that ALL should have. Dec 20, James Arseno rated it really liked it. Highly interesting read packing tons of valuable insights and information about not only Health, but the system we live in. Advanced Search Find a Library.


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The Hood Health Handbook, Volume Two

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