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Darryl F. Zanuck Richard D. Zanuck Productions. Deeply boring and puritanical. So like Fun movie?

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All of that and it manages to both skirt real emotion and character development too. Surprised Cuckor even bothered with this junk. Once upon a time The Chapman Report was called the sexiest mainstream movie ever released, and at the time that was said it was not meant as a compliment.

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The Chapman Report was released 14 years after Alfred Kinsey's first report on the sexual behavior of men and 9 years after his report on women. Both books were immense bestsellers. In Irving Wallace used Kinsey's report and created a fictional story around it. It too was immensely successful. And so came a movie version that dealt with the subject of how women behave in the bedroom, and in all honesty, given the censorship of the…. Review by Carlos Valladares 1.

I like to think Walt Disney decided to cast Glynis Johns as the Mary Poppins suffragette based off of her scenes here. It's pretty minor minor-Cukor, but Johns' scenes and Claire Bloom's descent into boozy-nymphet madness make it a curious camp item — raunchy and weirdly addicting. I can see why in its day this was controversial and I can also see how it has dated.

Yet it did seem quite watchable and intriguing. The cast are great the story is at times very predictable but always entertaining. I am glad I found this different film that is of a time. Garish and awkward attempt to examine suburban sexual mores in early 60s America, this nevetheless contains a handful of scenes of real verve and nuance that let you know it was in fact directed by George Cukor.

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Reportedly gutted by the studio, which probably accounts for some of the problems here, though I suspect the clumsy, abrupt shifts in tone, from melodrama to farce and back again, might simply be the fault of the material. Features some powerful performances, particularly from Claire Bloom and Jane Fonda, the latter giving a preview of the kind of expressive parade of nervous tics she'd become known for in the 70s. Hard to believe this piece of early 's sleaze was directed by George Cukor and attracted so many quality actors suffering through a messy script.

No doubt shocking for the times, it may have been a spark that helped ignite today's feminist movement. I decided I wanted to have a Jane Fonda festival and found this at the library. I have never heard of it before. The movie is about a fictionalized Kinsey Report, I take it that by standards this was a pretty out there movie. British certification and tax relief. Search for Lottery awards.

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