Reactive Power Compensation: A Practical Guide

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Would you like to change to the United States site? The area of reactive power compensation is gaining increasing importance worldwide. If suitably designed, it is capable of improving voltage quality significantly, meaning that losses in equipment and power systems are reduced, the permissible loading of equipment can be increased, and the over-all stability of system operation improved.

Reactive Power Compensation by Wolfgang Hofmann, J├╝rgen Schlabbach, and Wolfgang Just - Read Online

Ultimately, energy use and CO 2 emisson are reduced. This unique guide discusses the effects of reactive power on generation, transmission and distribution, and looks at the compensation of existing installations in detail. It outlines methods for determination of reactive power and answers the questions that arise when controlling it, for example, at parallel operation with generators. There is also a chapter devoted to installation, maintenance and disturbances.

A practical guide for electrical engineers and technicians in utilities, this is also essential reading for maintenance engineers, designers, electrical contractors, manufacturing companies, and researchers, also those in industry and planning agencies.

Insightful and clear, the book will also appeal to senior undergraduate and graduate electrical engineering students and professors. Dr Wolfgang Hofmann, Consulting Engineer, Munich, Germany Dr Hofmann has been the leading expert in the development of reactive power controllers and energy multimeters for more than thirty years at Beluk GmbH. Having started his career as a high voltage electrician and studying electrical engineering at Oskar-von-Miller-Polytechnikum in Munich, he is now currently working as a consulting engineer in the field of power factor correction at Beluk GmbH.

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Reactive Power Compensation A Practical Guide by Wolfgang Hofmann

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Reactive power compensation - why reactive power compensation is needed

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Reactive Power Compensation A Practical Guide by Wolfgang Hofmann

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