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The fourth child in the family, he was separated from Poldi by 17 years. Poldi was very close to his family, always thinking of them, making sure he brought chocolate to the two young ones when on home leave.

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Gerhard would have been 3 years old in August , and Leopold would surely have been reminded of his little brother when seeing the two British kiddies with their kite. The Wenger brothers in summer Left: In July , sixteen-year-old Willy received his C license for glider pilots, hoping to follow in his brother's footsteps as an airman; he is pictured seated in a glider.

So the remembered encounter from so long ago is confirmed as fact … a true story that can warm the heart and instruct the mind today. A young German pilot under orders to fly as low as possible, staying under the radar, has a close encounter with a four-year old child of the 'enemy' who reminded him of his own dearly-loved little brother By sharing his story, John Lewthwaite has given us a valuable gift of REALITY to help counteract the false propaganda of the conflict between cousins, the so-called battle of Britain of New connections have been made, friendships forged, and who knows what yet might come because of it.

A good and considerate man, John didn't send me the photograph I requested from him, maybe because, as he confided to me in a second email:. Bizarre world in which we now live I cannot believe I have now been able to circulate the photo of the glamorous young 'Poldi' Wenger amongst my admiring daughters! But Heaven only knows what my Hun-hating grandparents would have thought of all this Ives named, among many other places.

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Danusha V. Long and tedious as it was, I was losing interest until I got near the end to the paragraphs I've reproduced below. This is just noise as far as I'm concerned, but what attracted my attention were statements made at the end of the article that I found sufficiently incorrect to require refutation. I'm not bothering to source my refutations, however, because the writer doesn't source her accusations. Unproven statements shouldn't require detailed proofs against them; simple correction should be adequate. Especially when an ordinary search into Goska's identity reveals her motivation for carrying on against the 'Nazis' in this way.

I'll get into that later. First, the article. She concludes her screed with these unproven accusations highlighted in yellow with my comments in blue :. It is undeniable that Nazism focused on Jews in a way that it did not focus on others, and that Nazis murdered almost six million Jews, or sixty percent of the world population [of jews]. It is also true that anti-Semitism has been a plague in Christianity, and that Christians must never shirk the struggle against anti-Semitism.

We all know that most Germans, including Germans who committed atrocities, identified as Christian. All these facts demand and receive massive attention. I have only praise for books like Robert P. Erickson's Complicity in the Holocaust: Churches and Universities in Nazi Germany that demonstrate how Germany's best and brightest, from university professors to theologians, abandoned their core values. There's a difference between saying that Christians distorted their faith to support Nazism and saying that Nazism is Christian.

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Every semester I ask my university students what group the Nazis mass murdered first and last, even after they surrendered to the Allies. When I tell them it was handicapped Germans, they are dumbstruck and unbelieving. For certain other inheritable afflictions that caused harm to society, the solution was sterilization.

They have been taught that Nazism is a function of Christianity, and a damning blot on Western Civilization. They have not been taught about how Nazi anti-Semitism fits into a Darwin-inspired, Neo-Pagan, nationalist worldview. My students don't know that Hitler expressed genocidal intent for Poles: "I have placed my death-head formation in readiness … with orders to send to death mercilessly and without compassion, men, women, and children of Polish derivation and language. I could supply several quotes of Polish leaders expressing genocidal intent toward Germans.

It was very common in Poland before the war. Approximately two million non-Jewish Polish civilians were murdered. Poles were tortured, dispossessed, and the subject of medical experimentation. Polish bodies were turned into soap. Almost twenty percent of Polish priests were murdered. They were arrested and shot or incarcerated, not murdered , as enemy saboteurs and fighters, not for religious reasons.


Germany lost killed and wounded from the uprising! It was August and they had no intention of giving up and leaving all the resistance fighters to join with the Soviets. The Warsaw Uprising was a tactical mistake by the Poles because Stalin wanted the resistance to be defeated, so didn't support it. It is false that churches, museums and libraries were specially targeted. Every building must be razed to its foundation.

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They didn't even have to work because they had no skills, nor could they be trusted with responsibility. When I clicked on Danusha V. Goska's author name, I found a whole page full of articles she had published at Front Page Mag, and discovered she was a Polish Catholic writer. So right there was the explanation for her anti-German prejudice. I found three books of fiction by her at Amazon and easily laid my eyes on a passage in Save Send Delete where she was describing how she met the protaganist in her story.

On page 3, she writes of watching an upper-class Englishman on a television show:.

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I do not feel wrong to pick and choose what part of the quote I want to share because she does the same. Tit for tat. The blond gentleman does sound impressive … an accomplished person, indeed. The same as she would feel upon seeing Reinhard Heydrich, say There were no poor people. No ugly people. No diseased people. Why do you people get to tell the rest of us whether or not there is a God? How about six million dead Jews? Who would watch television programs featuring ugly and diseased people?

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This defamation never stops. More and more it seems that Germans are doomed to be genocided based on their 'flawed nature'— flaws that only their competitors can see. What these competitors see is 'too smart, too strong, too moral. The very thing Germans are eternally accused of having wanted to do to others. Are we tired of this yet? It read:. For that reason, it has been closely following the battle of freedom-seeking Arabs - and especially in Palestine - against the Jewish invaders.

It was found on March 29, He, along with other Arab leaders, revolted against the British in in a bid for Palestinian self-determination. In , the British officially revoked his title as Grand Mufti and he fled to Lebanon. Husseini met with Hitler in Germany in to ask for German support of Arab independence from the colonial powers that ruled the Middle East at the time.

The mufti also wanted a promise that Germany would not send anymore Jews to Palestine. But he was not successful in his efforts to agitate the Arabs of the Middle East against their colonial rulers during the war. The current culture minister under the ruling Law and Justice Party, Piotr Glinski, has been pushing for a merger with a museum that currently exists only on paper, and is dedicated to the Battle of Westerplatte. In other words, make the Polish experience the center of the war for Poles, despite that it distorts the overall context of how and why things happened as they did.

According to VOA News :. Aside from its global approach, the creators of the state museum say it is different from most other war museums in that it puts civilian suffering - not military campaigns - at the heart of the narrative. But the political climate in Poland has changed dramatically since then, with a nationalist and populist government in charge that deeply objects to its approach and wants to take control over the institution to change its content. Members of the ruling Law and Justice party say they want a museum that focuses solely on the Polish experience, with primacy given to the heroism of Polish soldiers who resisted the Germans.