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The writing and editing was nearly flawless and the story definitely satisfied. I would have rated it 4.

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This smart, richly-detailed tale beautifully blends science fiction and romance in a lush setting with intricate politics, backstory and world-building. I connected with both Felicia and Victor from their very first exchange and throughout their difficult romantic journey. After all, it's n The first novel in the To Be Sinclair series was a real surprise for me.

After all, it's not easy to forge a love affair when he is the reigning Emperor of a planetary system and she is a brilliant, and always chaperoned, student. Victor's tragic backstory as the sole survivor of his royal family affected me on a very deep level. In spite of this dark history, he's risen to become a powerful and respected but very lonely ruler. The large supporting cast of characters--from royals to rivals to watchmen to mentors to peers--are equally well drawn and fleshed-out. Though this story may not appeal to those who demand a lightning pace, there are several unexpected and dangerous twists in the plot that continuously up the stakes, as well as offering puzzling mysteries to be solved.

Victor and Felicia often struggle through their conflicts and decisions about their future--and whether that future will be together or apart. I related to Felicia's choices on every level as she grappled with what she was driven to do vs. I also respected Victor for having the strength to compromise, even in the face of criticism and censure by powerful foes. In addition to effectively combining science fiction and romance, I think this novel may also hold a lot of appeal for readers of Historical Romances, since there are definite parallels in the society, politics, pacing and style.

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Although Eva Caye credits Lois McMaster Bujold for her story's inspiration, I think she has created a universe that is completely unique in its own rights. Sep 16, Leah rated it it was amazing. For more information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite: www.

This is the classic Cinderella story, if Cinderella was an extremely smart, fiercely independent and dedicated to her studies in a super developed alien world! I enjoyed this book immensely, while slightly predictable it still had me ohhing and ahhing at all the right places! Lady Felicia has never been interested in the same things as her fellow ladies of stature! She loves science and math and want to leave her mark on her world by helping people!

Victor is the emperor with a tragic past, the last remaining member of the immediate royal family he is emotionally scarred in many ways! Tired of the usual socialites that he escorts to many social functions, he demands to meet with someone who can look past his royal status and see the man that he truly is.

When the two meet Felicia inadvertently reopens old wounds. Despite this Victor falls for Felicia and is determined to make her his empress! Felicia is determined to finished her engineering degree but cannot deny her feelings for Victor! I really enjoyed this novel Eva Caye writes a beautiful whirlwind romance that reaches the heart of every girl that loved the princess fairy tales! This series is definitely on my to be read list!! Sep 15, Lara rated it really liked it Shelves: z I learned about this series from a SFR blog post about the second book.

I decided to start with the first and really enjoyed reading it. This was a sweet story about a young woman who wants to just wants to follow her dreams, but they don't fit with her gender or class. The heroine is a real science geek who is expected to be a high ranking lady. She takes science classes on the sly and is uninterested in fashion or dating.

The hero is the emperor, a man who is too aware of his responsibilities, I learned about this series from a SFR blog post about the second book. The hero is the emperor, a man who is too aware of his responsibilities, has no remaining family, and cannot enjoy or trust the many young women who throw themselves at him the ultimate celebrity of his world.

When they meet on an arranged date neither is what the other expects. The first half of the book is about their slowly developing relationship. The second half of the book sees more reality intruding in their lives as each has to come to terms with what their relationship means for themselves and for others. This is not a book with detailed sex scenes. The couple do not throw themselves into bed with one another, and we don't have to endure a lot of sexual teasing. I really appreciated how they developed their friendship and love for each other before committing to a more serious relationship.

Each character had to grow, and they were sometimes painfully honest with each other.

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And brave about their fears regarding their relationship. Let me start by saying that I don't think the covers do this series any justice at all. I feel they deserve so much more because if I was browsing I would go straight passed this and that would be a mistake. What we have here is a complete genre crossover, to the extent where I don't think I have ever read anything quite like it before. Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying that this is a bad thing, but it certainly is different. You have what is basically, almost a regency style romance period piece, set in the future, on another colony.

The wars being fought are on a much larger scale but the manners and expectations of the royalty are so very proper and old fashioned. Definitely and intriguing mix with a very well written love story running through. Sci Fi meets Romance and neither is compromised. It has certainly piqued my curiosity as I move on to book 2 in the saga! Sep 09, Genevieve Dugeay rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: science fiction romance.

How do geeks do romance? Lady Felicia is a scientist who has never had a boyfriend. And the Emperor is tired of the socialites! He needs a lady who can help him with his responsibilities as the ruler of four planets. No wonder he falls in love with Felicia and her massive intellect in about fifteen minutes! Although the book reads primarily as romance for several chapters, the science slowly creeps in until, by the very end, Felicia's abilities and scientific contacts have won the w How do geeks do romance?

Although the book reads primarily as romance for several chapters, the science slowly creeps in until, by the very end, Felicia's abilities and scientific contacts have won the war and saved the day! Another cute thing is the erotic 'Easter egg' short story hidden at the end of the book, which Eva describes as a way to explore other points-of-view, as well as a way to separate her more erotic writings from her books so people who do not wish to read explicit descriptions don't have to.

This is written as if there were an actual video camera recording future scenes, as realistic as you can get. The science is not too overwhelming for romance readers, and the romance is not too overwhelming for science fiction readers. View 1 comment. Oct 05, Jami rated it liked it Shelves: kindle , , self-indie-pub.

This didn't impact my views on it, though it did bump it to the top of the TBR list since her opinions in the panel made me think I might have found the kind of SFR I always crave.

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I had a hard time deciding if I liked this or not. On one hand, likable, engaging characters and well edited writing made this difficult to put down. On the other, much of it lacks plot-based or romance based tension.

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From the moment they meet, I never doubted they would work it out. There were no moments of serious conflict between them, and those few bits where there were minor conflicts were so easily and quickly resolved as to be totally insignificant. It's a testament to the quality of the writing that I made it through.

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There are spots where everything works together- the romance, the plot, the tension, the characterization, where this book is excellent. If the whole thing were like those points, this could have easily been a 5 star book. I suspect I'll try later books of hers to see how they've grown. Oct 23, Rosebud rated it liked it Shelves: futuristic , kindle-lendable , m-f , series-book , young-adult. This was a ya sci-fi story that I enjoyed but not to the point that I'm a fan.

The story and cast of characters were okay but I really think that it should have been fleshed out more. It had a superficial narrative first person POV take on a romantic story between a geek and Emperor with a suspense adventure theme with emphasis on story. I couldn't get into this book except as an impartial observer. Stilted, predictable, clinical. A sweet story for those of you who like the commoner catching the This was a ya sci-fi story that I enjoyed but not to the point that I'm a fan.

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