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Ali SRMs above-mentioned have never come into feed of animal. There is no cross-contamination between this material and the products exported to China. These establishments should also meet the veterinary hygiene and public health requirements stipulated by both China and Brazil.

Products from manufacturing establishments that have not got the registration must not be imported into the People's Republic of China. MAPA official veterinarians are responsible for the following requirements:. The bovine, from which beef is exported to the People's Republic of China, shall not be slaughtered along with bovine in breach of Article 4 and Article 5 of this Protocol.

Deboned beef exported to China should not be processed along with bovine in breach of Article 4, Article 5 and Article 6 of this Protocol. In the freezing storage of meat packing plants a specific location shall be identified for deboned beef to be exported to China. Deboned beef to be exported to China shall be promptly identifiable at all stages of processing and storage to ensure a proper traceability so that only eligible products are exported to China. Beef to be exported to the People's Republic of China must be packaged with completely new material in compliance with international hygiene standards.

The primary inner and secondary outside packages should indicate in both English and Chinese me name of the product, weight, name of producer, address and registration number, storage conditions, production date and shelf life, and should be stamped with the quarantine stamps approved by and filed with AQSIQ.

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For beef to be exported to China, the entire export process, including packaging, and transportation, should meet hygiene requirements and be protected against contamination from harmful and poisonous materials. During transportation, deboned beef should not be passed through restricted or under surveillance area because of diseases.

The internal temperature for frozen deboned beef should not be higher than 18 degrees Celsius under 0 zero , except for other specific beef products which shall be authorized by AQSIQ. After the deboned beef has been placed in the container, the container should be sealed under the supervision of a MAPA official veterinarian.

30 Questões de Licitação para Concurso

The seal number should be indicated on the sanitary certificate. During transportation, the packaging should not be changed or opened. Each container of beef should be accompanied by a sanitary certificate confirming that the products meet the relevant requirements of this Protocol and laws and regulations governing public and veterinary health in Brazil. The sanitary certificates should be worded in both Chinese and Portuguese. Format and contests of the certificates will be previously agreed upon by both parties. For the purposes of this Protocol, beef means the frozen deboned skeletal muscle of bovines which were less than 30 months of age when slaughtering, excluding head muscle, ground meat, mechanically separate meat, offal and other by-products.

Behind the Name: German Submitted Names (page 4)

I, signed in Beijing on May 24, The date of enforcement of the proposed amendments shall be decided by consensus. The date and venue of such consultations will be decided by mutual consent. In addition to the terms otherwise defined in this Agreement, the following term, when used herein, shall have the following meaning, in the singular or plural form:.

All information provided by a Disclosing Party is Confidential Information unless such Disclosing Party indicates otherwise in writing.

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Section Four - Confidentiality. Accordingly, any and all Confidential Information in tangible form shall be immediately returned to the Disclosing Party upon expiration of the established term as provided in Section 4. A detailed plan for implementation will be established with the terms and conditions agreed by both Parties. Section N ight — Effective Term.

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The discussion was based on a collaborative approach, with the use of Design Thinking techniques, in order to provide a wide and effective participation of all SAI representatives present at the event. Such dynamics contributed to the identification of the necessary adjustments for the improvement of the planning matrix, which, after the adjustments, was approved by consensus by all those present. The implementation phase of the coordinated audit took place between October and May The documents listed below were prepared with the objective of standardizing the presentation of the results obtained by the participating SAIs in order to allow comparability, consolidation of results and subsequent preparation of the Regional Consolidated Report.

Departamento de Inteligência e Subsecretaria e Secretaria de Inteligência

The first considers examples of possible audit findings and their linkages to the main items of each audit question. These are examples of findings used in the group dynamics of the planning workshop. It is possible to identify other findings that are not contemplated on these examples. This document should be used for consultation purposes only and should not be completed by SAIs. The second and third documents were completed by the SAIs, according to the results obtained during the fieldwork, and sent to the SAI of Brazil for consolidation work.

The fourth and fifth documents are documents filled out by SAI of Brazil with pilot audit data only to resolve possible doubts and assist the SAIs in completing these documents.