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I took my GMC Yukon in simply to get an appraisal on resolving some scratches that I put into my clear coat by taking it to a manual wash car wash.

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I went in feeling terrible about what I had done to the paint. When I pulled up in the middle of the day, I assumed that they would ask me to come back on a different day. To my surprise and delight Nicholas came out and helped me personally. What struck me the most was his concern to make it right for me, Nicholas did Not need to do that, but that fact that he helped me relax, and walked me through in detail the options I had was perfect.

I scheduled an appointment, and had the team at Sticklers4Details do my truck and it looks like new now. I am impressed not only with the level of quality work, how clean the shop is, but ,most importantly the level of respect and good old fashioned customer service that they provide that I will be a customer for life, and will recommend them to all of my friends. Want a great experience, nice atmosphere. When I showed up at the shop I felt welcomed and was given a tour. Nicholas explained the process and what would best sute my needs. I made a appointment And was taken care of right away no waiting around.

I definitely can see why he earns 5 stars. Good people great work. I brought my Toyota Corella into the shop to see if the stains on my seats could be cleaned up. Nicholas looked at my car and told me he was not sure the stains would come out since they were old. Nicholas assured me he would try his best with a special cleaning method to get the seats clean. Later when I picked up the car I was amazed at the awesome job Nicholas did on cleaning the seats and doing other little touches! Better than I expected!

Nicholas was so nice and such a hard worker, really taking pride in his work.

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I invite you to do the same! They got very dirty light interior car cleaner and shinier than it was on the showroom floor! It truly looked brand new. I cannot speak highly enough about Nick Viccio and Sticklers4Details. Sticklers went above and beyond my expectations in delivering fast, thorough and excellent service.

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If you are looking for the highest quality detailing service from honest caring people, you want Sticklers4Details. I took my car to Sticklers after it was accidentally covered in spray paint. My highest hope was to simply get the spray paint off before it set and would require a complete repainting of the car. Sticklers found a way to fit me into their busy schedule, and exceeded my hopes by returning my car in sparkling, better-than-new condition.

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The colleague who drove me to Sticklers to pick up my car had seen it when I drove it to work the first timeā€”and he was also super-impressed when he saw what Sticklers had done. Repeat customer for Subaru Legacy. My car was covered in bug goo from a 2, mile road trip. Looks like new again. Highly recommend Sticklers for excellent service.


I recently had two cars detailed at Sticklers. My son Jake said they are the best. This is my new BEST shop for professional detailing any of my cars. My daughter, who also had her car detailed there, is also very pleased with how new her car looks.

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I have no problem giving Sticklers my highest personal recommendation. Thank you to the Vecchio family and Sticklers 4 Details!

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I drove away in my vehicle and it felt brand new! I have had my car detailed here three times and each appointment has been superb in customer service, detail and work.

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  5. I was extremely pleased with the way my car looked when I picked it up and Nick even spent extra time with me to explain exactly what he had done, how to keep the car looking its best, and the proper products to use on it. I will definitely be taking my car back to Sticklers 4 Details! I have been in the automobile business for over 20 years in all four regions of this country and appreciate the amazing work Sticklers 4 Details does for us and our customers.

    Their services range from basic cleaning and detailing to more in-depth paint correction and high-end protection. The work they do is is so good, I ended up keeping a personal vehicle for two more years after they cleaned it for sale!

    At Firehouse Auto Spa, we believe that is because most car owners have heard many untruths about detailing, and have not heard enough about the benefits! Here are some of the most popular myths about detailing and why they are wrong:. New cars do not roll off the showroom floor completely flawless. Your vehicle is painted by robotic machines that often leave the paint uneven and they famously leave swirl marks that contort your shine. Even if it comes straight from the manufacturer, and especially if it comes straight off the lot, your new car has been manhandled by delivery personnel, service techs, salespeople, and numerous potential buyers!

    It has been exposed to railroad dust, highway freight contamination, and pollution from sitting in storage lockers and on outdoor lots near waterside docks, railway stations, and other industrial areas. Sure, the dealership cleans it up for you and gets it shining, but most dealerships do not employ a professional detailer who knows anything about automotive paint or how to properly buff out a shine. The result is often little more than a quickie car wash leaving behind streaks, water spots, swirls, and even light scratches.

    10 Steps on How to Detail Your Car: A Beginners Guide

    At the average car wash, you get little more than a superficial rinsing. Some car washes use abrasive textiles that leave fine scratches, which build up over time and dull your new paint. Firehouse Auto Spa thoroughly cleans and reconditions your automobile inside and out. The goal is to revive, restore, maintain, and protect both the interior and exterior of your vehicle to as close as possible, showroom condition! Furthermore, washing your vehicle is only the first of many steps in the detailing process that starts with a thorough, brush-free hand wash, and an inspection of every inch of the paint surface to monitor potential problems.

    We also safely remove squashed bugs, bird droppings, and environmental contaminants that are difficult to remove and etch the clear coat.