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Kate doesn't believe that the Winchesters are FBI and that they'll start by looking for the pureblood. Mike doesn't believe it and goes to his bedroom and Kate goes after him.

They argue while Brian goes over the footage of the original attack on Mike. He spots something on the ground and calls to Kate, but she slams the door shut. Brian has no choice but to go out on his own and examine the attack site. He finds a pin on the ground and realizes that it's the same one that Ludensky was wearing at his last lecture.

Brian goes to Ludensky's office and tells him that he knows what the professor really is. Later, Brian comes home and finds Kate packing. As Mike comes out, Brian says that he took care of things and they ask what he did. He shows them footage of his confronting Ludensky and asking the professor to bite him as well. He warns the professor that he hid cameras in his office in advance and is transmitting the video to his laptop at home. Ludensky denies being a werewolf until Brian threatens him with a silver letter opener. Then he breaks down and explains that after the one murder ten years ago, he only ate animal hearts.

However, he saw Jacob, weak and alone, and couldn't resist. Ludensky figured that hunters would come eventually so he needed a patsy. He chose Mike since he's always sleeping in and the professor figured that no one would miss him. Brian says that he wants to become a werewolf and forces the professor to bite his arm. As the footage ends, Brian starts to transform and shows him footage of the office after he left. Sam and Dean come in and attack Ludensky, eventually killing him.

With his dying breath, the professor thanks them. The brothers find the camera and take it down, cutting the transmission, and Brian figures that they're safe.

Wolf Restoration - Yellowstone National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

He tells Kate that he protected her when Mike couldn't, but Mike figures the Winchesters will trace the feed back to Brian. Brian, angry and disgusted, tells Mike that he's tired of living in his shadow and that he finally has what he wants.

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Mike tries to persuade his friend that he doesn't want the horror inside of him, the horror that he experienced when he went out of control and killed Scott. Brian tells Kate that she needs him and grabs her, and Mike transforms and attacks him. The two students struggle and Brian stabs Mike with the silver letter opener, killing him.

Kate goes to her lover, who says with his dying breath that he loves her. Kate tries to stab Brian, who easily grabs her and says that she'll understand She locks herself in the bathroom and films herself using a camera, and then goes berserk. Kate finally gets control of herself and calls to Brian, saying that she understands. She goes outside and tells Brian that she understands Afterward, she covers Mike's corpse with a sheet and then sits down at the computer to record her message to the Winchesters.

She tells that she and her friends weren't monsters and didn't want what happened to them. Kate then says that she's leaving and that she will eat animal hearts and never hurt anyone, and promises that they won't hear about her.

The Fox and The Wolf

Before signing off, Kate asks the Winchesters to give her a chance. Sam and Dean look at the computer and wonder what to do next. Sam suggests that they let her leave. Dean agrees, saying that they should give Kate a chance. They can always kill her if she fails to keep her promise.

Wolf Restoration

They collect all of the evidence that werewolves were there and leave. Outside of town, Kate hitches a ride to the border and then walks away along the railroad tracks. In Sharp Teeth , Garth was caught and injured while feeding on some local cattle and it drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester who hadn't heard from Garth in months. Sam and Dean learn that he was turned into a werewolf six months earlier after being bitten while killing a rampaging werewolf. Garth joined a pack of mostly pureblood werewolves and his injuries exposed the existence of the pack to the two hunters who remained suspicious despite Garth's assurances.

Despite the fact that most of the pack was genuinely harmless, the Maw of Fenris took the opportunity to strike to rally the rest of the pack into helping them bring about Ragnarok. Having learned of the Maw of Fenris, Dean confronted Jim Myers , the pack leader, who realized the truth about his wife's actions.

Reverend Myers is left horrified and Dean tells Garth to remain with the pack who Sam and Dean leave alone as they are not all bad. A shapeshifter named David Lassiter was in love with Violet and at one point in love and planned on running away together. However David's brother Sal Lassiter made her leave him in order to stop the union. When Sal is murdered, Violet suspects Julian of being involved in the murder. Julian later mentions a war coming between the families.

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In Paper Moon , Sam and Dean check on a case in Durham, Washington, where a string of bodies have been described as having their throats slashed and their hearts extracted. Upon getting information on the cases they came to suspect a werewolf is involved. Eventually they are able to track the beast to a farm, where they find dead chickens that have been partially eaten. Going into the bar Dean finds a woman talking to someone on the phone; she senses Dean behind her and runs straight into Sam.

They are shocked to discover she is Kate , the werewolf they let go two years earlier. Both are disappointed Kate could not ignore her werewolf urges like she claimed she would.

Have you ever seen foxes mating? Incredible footage of the whole process here.

While briefly confused by their comments, Kate willingly confesses she was the one who committed the actions, saying she ultimately did not have the will to carry out a normal life. Dean prepares to shoot her, but Sam stops him. While they argue Kate is able to free herself and runs away. Having taken her phone, Dean and Sam are able to trace her to a hotel she is staying at. The following morning they apparently see her leaving the hotel and walking after a man. When they hold her at gunpoint, however, they discover a different woman who feigns ignorance on what they want; when their guard is let down as they test her, she attacks, revealing herself as a werewolf.

Before she can kill either one of them, Kate appears and stops her, though she won't let Dean kill her. Kate reveals the woman is her sister Tasha , who she confesses to turning. Furious by her action, they take her to a cafe so she can explain. Kate says that after becoming a werewolf she tried to avoid her family, knowing she could never explain what had happened to her.

But her desire for companionship caused her to make a decision of poor judgment: she turned Tasha so she could leave and took her with the intention of teaching her to be a werewolf without the urges of killing.

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However, Tasha did not take to the teachings: Kate returned to her hotel and was horrified to find Tasha had killed a woman. Despite this, she tried to help Tasha, rationalizing that since she is the one to turn Tasha, she is responsible. She firmly believes she can help her sister if given the chance, but Dean feels she does not have the willingness to kill her sister should things go too far. He then claims to have a cure for lycanthropy, but Kate will have to lead them to Tasha. Kate believes them.

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While on the way to a cabin where Tasha would go to, Dean and Sam have another discussion about whethere either of them are truly ready for hunting, as they both have to face their actions they committed. Once arriving at the cabin, Dean handcuffs Kate to the car, revealing their deception. While Kate is furious they are not giving her sister another chance, Dean sharply retorts that when a person commits terrible acts, they can't come back from them, as they are too far gone. They leave a pleading Kate in the car as they head in, guns at the ready.

Sam finds Tasha in her room. She is unafraid that he will shoot because she has two allies with her. The brothers are held at gunpoint by werewolves who Tasha turned, creating her own pack. Kate comes in and is shocked to see what Tasha has done. Tasha is remorseless, instead being buoyed by the power she now has as a werewolf.