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5 Ways to Spot a Kate Spade Fake

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We only need to open the remaining banana peel and slowly clean and scrub the bag to achieve the purpose of cleaning the bag. Method 6: Send a professional store for cleaning If your own bag is very good and very precious, it is recommended to go to the cleaning bag store regularly to clean. How to clean the scrub bag One: The matte leather bag is no more than other fake kate spade bags.

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  6. If it is stained, if we clean it ourselves, it will easily cause the bag to fade. If it is only a little bit of smudge, you can use a soft cloth to touch the warm water and gently wipe it. Second: Before the dry cleaning of the frosted leather hermes bag, the contaminated parts are polished with fine sandpaper, and then the dry cleaning aid is sprayed on the part, and then a series of procedures such as fatliquoring softening, drying, ironing, and the like are performed. How to clean the nubuck leather prada bag? My professional cleaning method, if the nub skin is black and discolored, the nursing process is more, it is not recommended to clean it yourself, and it needs to be sent to a special care shop for cleaning.

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    Do not put it in a plastic kate spade bag. Because the air inside the plastic bag does not circulate, the leather will be too dry and damaged.

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