Empowered To Serve As We Stand On the Promises

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So I will believe the plan You have for us.

e-book Empowered To Serve As We Stand On the Promises

We have abundant peace. When we seek Your face, when we call Your name, You will hear our cries to You. When we search for You, turn our hearts to You, we will find You there. You will grant us peace. Humbly, we receive.

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You will grant us peace, for I know that it is Your will. Times and tides will shift and change. Only Your love will remain. In all seasons, Your goodness overflows. Through the fire and the rain, Jesus, You will be my strength. Every moment, Your presence is here.

Lord, Your grace is enough.

In my weakness You are strong. In You, Jesus, I have overcome. I will sing of Your great love, of Your never changing love. Following after You, all my life. With all of me, my everything, I know Your love for me is true. Abounding love, amazing grace will follow me for all my days. Giving all that I have, Abba father, this is all for You. You deserve, Lord, all my praise and all my love. One day heaven and earth will pass, but Your love will still remain.

I love You. Lying in the meadows, by still waters, I delight in You. Lord, awaken my heart, calm my spirit, come anoint my life. In Your presence, in Your presence, where I belong, where You can hear my voice. Nothing compares to this. In Your presence, in Your presence, where healing flows, where I can find Your grace. I come, arms open wide. I am here to pour out my praise.

Every piece of my life, You hold in Your hands. Every tear I cry, You hold in Your heart. I am here to pour out my praise, in Your glorious cloud, where I long to be, in Your presence. Jesus, oh Jesus, I deeply adore You. Jesus, I long to hear Your gentle voice. Jesus, oh Jesus, I thirst for You alone. I lift my voice and sing the praises of my heart. My life belongs to You and You alone. I want to love You more, just want to have You more. Drawing close to lean into You. And as my weary soul looks for the stream, Jesus, I deeply adore You.

Bow down, in Your presence. Bow down to my only Lord. Worship just to seek Your face. Give You all I am, Lord. Oh, my heart is steadfast on You, steadfast on You, only You. Worship You all of my life, all of my heart, only You.

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Bow down, I surrender. Pour out all my love on You. Cry out, let me see Your face. Your love, it surrounds me. You give and take away. I will fix my heart on You alone. The veil is torn, I will enter. To the holy of holies, I come. Amazing grace, never ending grace.

Wiped away my sins, no more will they remain. Amazing grace, I give You my praise. I will worship You forever, all my days. I am free from shame.

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I am free to live. I am blessed to give.

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I am a precious child of God. All of my heart is drawing closer to You.

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When I hear this love song, I remember that special day, when You came to awaken my heart. All of my life has meaning, every breath. My heart is filled with love. I think of You with tears in my eyes. Who am I, that You would love me?

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Your crazy love, it overwhelms me. Like a flood, I am drowning. All the worries are melting away. Nothing can stop You from loving me. Your love can change the world around me. I know that I am loved by You. Nothing in this world can separate me from Your love. If the Lord does not build the house for us, the builders are building in vain.

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If the Lord does not keep the watch for us, the watchers are watching in vain. From morning to evening, I will lift His name on high. My heart, overflowing, will bless the Lord with praise. I am alive be cause of God above. My victory comes from God above. You have made my heart rejoice and sing, as the one who brings in grain. I have been saved be cause of God above. I will meditate and ponder day and night. It will lead me and guide me all my life.

I will obey. And I will seek. In Your word, I found love. In Your love, I am free. You are my refuge. You are my fortress. You alone are God, and I will trust in You. I will set my heart on You.