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Beverley Parkway Cinema. Beverley Race Course. Flemingate Shopping Centre.

Guitar Galleries. Inflata Nation Beverley. The Entertainer Toy Shop. Christmas decorations are now definitely in stock! Doodles Mobile Pottery. Calendar GoogleCal. Every Saturday, The Entertainer at Flemingate will be demonstrating exciting new toys.

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You get to see how they work and have a go! Bring your little ones in store and let them. Based on interviews with real East Yorkshire families, exploring the difficult, emotional and at times hilarious trials of living with a family member with Dementia. After a.

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After a huge success touring the show in East Riding libraries last year, this November, in association with Dementia Friendly East Riding, Smashing Mirrors Theatre brings this informative but heartwarming show to Beverley Parkway cinema. Internationally renowned Queen Tribute band, The Bohemians, take you on a high energy rollercoaster ride of a concert, featuring. Highlights will include two high-energy. Elsa, Anna and Olaf from the Disney film Frozen will also be among the attractions at the exciting event.

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The much-loved characters will perform a medley of songs from the soundtrack — perfectly timed for the release of the long-awaited sequel which hits the big screen on the same day! Cosy Nordic tipi bar Bartipi is making a return to Flemingate for a third year. The festive pop-up features a roaring fire pit, festive lighting, cosy seating and a selection of festive tipples. Rounding the evening off will be a fabulous fireworks display lasting around seven minutes, immediately followed by a grand finale performance by Little Chix — a great way to mark the countdown to Christmas.

The Flemingate Christmas event begins at 5pm and is due to close at 8pm. The lights switch-on is at 7. Home to a host of retailers, Flemingate is the perfect place to start your Christmas shopping, whilst enjoying a bite to eat and drink with friends and family in the bars, cafes and restaurants. Father Christmas is on his rounds At every house, Father Christmas eats and drinks the tasty treats that have been left for him.

Father Christmas is on his rounds … and he needs a wee! A festive musical with songs, magic, puppets, meet and greet with Santa and a free gift! Our eco-friendly skating rink is the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit!

Fancy a fun filled day of action? Why not opt for our great value Skate and Bounce tickets and enjoy a whirl on the ice and a session at Inflata Nation on the same day. Children celebrate cycling legend Beryl and Yorkshire girl power Mar 8, News. Search for:. Recent Posts PizzaBaby set for festive arrival at Flemingate Get your skates on for Christmas fun at Flemingate Fireworks and fun at Flemingate Christmas lights festivities Beverley retailers and police unite to slash shoplifting Step right up … the circus is coming to Flemingate!

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Upcoming Events. Columbia Gem House does cut some emerald, but that is not the beryl we really want to talk about today. This gem can run from a deep sky blue to pastel blues. This greenish type of Aqua can be heated at low temperatures and the greenish tone will disappear yielding a pure blue stone. Since the purer blue is more valuable, most people routinely heat their rough. We actually love both colors so we have gems with pure blue as well as ones with the green overtones.

Today most of our Aqua comes from Nigeria.

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It is cutting wonderful blue even in small size baguettes and rounds. In the past we cut material from Malawi, Brazil and Afghanistan. Since we have moved away from stone sourced from Afghanistan over the past 5 years, Nigeria has become our go to location. Aqua, like Emeralds, can be found in a full range of sizes. This can be from a few tenths of a carat to extremely large stones. We generally cut up to 6 carat, but do have stones as large as 40 carats. Aqua tends to be pretty clean, meaning free of inclusions, so whether 1.

Aqua is certainly one of our favorite stones. Green Beryl is another category. Here there are really two kinds. That is really great because this is truly one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. Because of the chrome coloring, these stone are a very neon light green! This gem material does come from a few locations, but the one we work with is coming from Nasarawa State in Nigeria. We cut this electric green beryl in small rounds, baguettes, ovals and emerald cuts.

This is definitely one of our most beautiful stones. Another variety of beryl is Heliodor. Helio meaning sun, is an apt name for this yellow colored gemstone. Much of the heliodor on the market today is irradiated to get a golden color, but what a beautiful color it is. There is no way to scientifically determine what is natural color and what is irradiated. What you see on the market is likely a little of both. The heliodor we have tracks its origins to Brazil.

This is where we will see most of the Heliodor on the market today coming from.

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Now lets think Pink! Pink Beryl is named Morganite after the American banker and gemstone collector, J. The color is almost always a delicate pink to peach color.