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I have no problem with it. The whole allure of shootouts that led to the subsequent NHL rule change in actually stemmed from the excitement they generated in international tournaments. The people on their soap box yelling about shootouts right now are just looking to extend their shootout-complaining ways year round while the NHL seasonally switches to continuous OT format for the playoffs. The hard salary cap and division based playoff seeding which are both dumb concepts creates parity and marquee matchups that make the first two rounds competitive and pretty exciting.

But after those two rounds it definitely slows down. After that thrilling 7 game series, the level of excitement for the NHL playoffs has only gone down from there. The NHL playoffs peaked way too early. But unlike the NHL, the NBA Finals usually is a fair representation of who has been the best teams all year, with very few examples of huge upsets.

While this may be a deterrent to some people looking for non-stop action throughout the playoffs, it usually makes for one of the most exciting Finals in professional sports. This year the Cavaliers and Warriors will be the first teams to ever play each other in three consecutive Finals, with each looking to win their second championship in three years. Lebron is the best basketball player on the planet and is flanked by two all stars in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love while the Warriors have been one of the most dominant regular season teams of all time and boast four bona fide superstars.

It should be an all-out war. Each team has its own cool individual story. Unfortunately both of those plotlines pale in comparison to the spectacle that will be the NBA Finals. Unless Bettman and co. This has been a bad NBA playoffs, with no real compelling series other than maybe the 7-game Jazz and Clippers series in the first round. If none of them have a chance, the playoffs just seem like a formality. The NHL is the exact opposite as any team, on any given day, in any given series has a chance to win.

The excitement and unpredictability of the NHL makes each series entertaining, because each team actually has a chance to win the Stanley Cup. Look at Nashville for example. They just became the first team in NHL history to make the finals as the 16th seed. Why bother watching a 4 vs. Nobody can compete with Cleveland and Golden State, so who cares about all the matchups leading up to the Finals. Golden State IV? TW : Why not? BB : Sure seems like it. This feels a lot like last year when San Jose made their run to the finals for the first time in franchise history.

Having country music superstars singing the anthem at home games, selling out games, fans throwing ducks onto the ice. The city is crazy about this team right now, and with a solid core of players including one of the most marketable guys in the league in P. This past week, the 21 year old Leafs winger maybe future center? Nylander finished the tournament tied for the fourth most points 14 in ten games and tied for the most goals with 7.

Just a great way for Willy to cap off a great rookie season. McCullers is a big reason why the Astros find themselves atop the AL West and looking like one of the best teams in baseball. Though the mats themselves must be plugged into a power outlet, the charging mechanism makes fumbling around for power cords a thing of the past.

This technology has been on the market for a while, charging anything from electric toothbrushes to medical implants, but has recently become more standard for typical consumer products, like various smartphones and the Apple Watch.

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Wireless charging still has some significant flaws, such as competing standards bodies that brings VHS vs. Betamax to mind. The cons of the technology range from limited charging distance to high production costs but the future looks promising. Though dramatic innovation is likely years away, the idea of having long distance charging meaning, your phone is charging in the living room but your wireless charging dock is in the kitchen is definitely exciting. Justin is a contributing author who loves to read and write about the advancements of technology and robotics.

When not at work, you can find him conquering Risk and Catan or on an adventure with his wife and kids. Last Father's Day he received a 1 dad shirt, so now that's official. En existencias RoHS. Historial de pedidos. Herramientas de desarrollo.

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Soluciones incluidas. Componentes pasivos. Cables y alambres. Herramientas y suministros. Total otorgado: N. Ver carrito. Related Posts Factors to Consider When Using 1U Power Supplies in Industrial Environments Why have the low cost, 1U high-power supplies used by the data communications industry not found their way into the industrial sector? This article highlights why many manufacturers are staying with traditional 2U and 3U products. You have just parked your private space ship on Pluto, intrigued by all the recent NASA photos of the not-a-planet small wannabe-could-be-planet, and you realize your cell phone is on its last legs.

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Power-wise, that is. Not because you skipped the last two upgrades.

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What to do? For sure, here on Pluto, a zillion miles away from the sun, rigging up some sort of solar screen recharger thing is out of the question.

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Not that you can't do that and not because it wouldn't work eventually but because you need power fast. There are Pluto selfies to take and tweets to be tweeted.

Digital Power and Power Sequencing: Mostly Good News with some Cautions In most multi-rail systems, sequencing and relative timing of power-up or power-down for each supply rail is done by a specialized sequencer function, which can be implemented as part of a PMIC power management IC or a dedicated sequencer IC.

Either way, the DC regulator that provides those rails and the sequencing functions are generally separate entities. And, at the mark, McKee tells the story of what could have been the most epic fail in skateboard graphic history.

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I was supposed to do a graphic for this skater named Dave Bachinsky. So I wanted to do a portrait of him. He makes paddles out of recycled skateboards I think? I had never met him in person. Someone had labeled Figgy as Dave Bachinsky. So I used that as the reference.