Addicted to Grace

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I was interested to hear more so when I went home, I began watching your teachings online. I have been a Christian for many years.

I'm an American so you know that we have a church building on every corner. Yet, I have never heard teaching or preaching like yours in my life! The Lord told me to do a Word study on His grace. I began looking it up, reading books about it and went to your website to see if you had messages on it. You do!

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  3. Addicted To Grace | Joseph Prince Ministries.

I am for the first time learning about grace. I am listening to your messages.

Gospel Formed: Living a Grace-Addicted, Truth-Filled, Jesus-Exalting Life

Once, when I was listening to one of them, my husband who was near me was also listening even though I was not aware of it. When the message ended, he asked if we could listen to another message. Thank you for telling us about grace. May the Lord bless you abundantly to spread His true gospel throughout the world! I am addicted to grace! I have been struggling with migraines and altered vision since early last year. I went through many I hid this sin from everyone in my life, not even writing about it in my journal. I even tried to hide it from myself, refusing to look sin in the eye and call it what it is.

After several months of this, God graciously removed the easy access to pornography from my life.

A place for the lost, addicted, broken, and unchurched

I thought I was the only teenager who had ever fallen into this sin. Having heard from somewhere that this is not a struggle for women a false statistic—this is a problem for both genders , I thought I must surely be the worst sinner ever. But as came to an end, God brought my entire relationship with him to a halt and very clearly showed me that I needed to talk to my parents about this. Talking with my parents was a huge step in the right direction.

As long as I kept my sin hidden in the darkness, Satan had so much room to accuse and breathe lies into my ears.

Bringing it into the light destroyed many of the strongholds he had built in my heart, and I found forgiveness and, in the next few months, freedom from the sin that had held me so tight for so long. Because Jesus paid for my sins, I have been covered with his righteousness. God no longer holds my sin against me.

When the Father looks at me, he sees his child, bought with the blood of his Son, and very precious in his sight. Because I am in Christ.

How to Face an Addiction to Pornography | Inspiration

Regret is a monster, and it will eat away at you. How often the past is cast up into my face as a mocking reminder of all I have done wrong. Click To Tweet The bad news is that I am often too proud to receive his grace. To accept it without any sort of effort on my part to make up for my sin is humbling. But grace was not offered to the perfect. Jesus did not come to heal those who were well, but those who were ill. All I need to do is humble myself to accept the grace he offers day by day. When I sin, my default response is to try harder next time. Trying harder will only set me up for disappointment.

I want people to think I am right and good and strong.

But in hiding these flaws from others, I am also hiding them from myself. If I am to have a right understanding of God, I must also have a right understanding of myself, which I cannot have when I deny certain characteristics of my humanity. To be human means that I must say that I am sorry.